Calling (Wii/MULTI 5/PAL/2010)

Calling (Wii/MULTI 5/PAL/2010)

Calling (Wii/MULTI 5/PAL/2010) | 4.38 GB

Genres: Action (Survival horror) / Adventure / 3D / 1st Person

Shinichi Suzyutani Rin and Kagura go on "Black page", a mysterious Web site that is a meter showing the number of dead people, after they visited the site. After logging into the chat site, Shinichi and Rin fall into a strange place, located beyond life and death, and invaded by memories of the deceased. Using their mobile phones, two are trying to escape from there.

The player will explore the space in which were two main characters. It consists of different haunted places, such as homes, schools and hospitals. With the Wii Remote players can interact with objects, and use it as a mobile phone, through which the ghosts talk with the main character. In addition, players can also take pictures with your phone. In some scenes the player will have to fight with ghosts, and using the Wii Remote, clicking on certain buttons.

Calling (Wii/MULTI 5/PAL/2010)

Calling (Wii/MULTI 5/PAL/2010)

Calling (Wii/MULTI 5/PAL/2010)


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