Hexagonal Chess v2.0

Hexagonal Chess v2.0 | 8.1 MB

Hexagonal chess is a chess game variant played on a hexagonal board. Of all popular chess variants this is probably the youngest one - game rules, starting positions and game theory were primarily developed in the 20th century. Still, hexagonal chess is one of the most advanced chess game variants today. This computer Hexagonal Chess game is designed to develop human intellect with this new hexagonal approach to traditional chess game. Play hexagonal chess, checkers, nard or backgammon against computer or friend, find new chess strategies or make it your advanced chess trainer.

The built-in powerful computer chess engine helps greatly improve skills of both amateur and advanced players. Main features include: - play against a computer or a friend - select various starting positions - multiplayer chess - standard, giveaway and suicide modes - save and load your games at any moment - logbook feature records all moves - stepback to any previous move in the game history - computer makes typical human mistakes - powerful chess engine - four games, including chess, checkers, corners and backgammon to play on the hexagonal board - each game includes a number of variations, modes and options



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